Avast android permanent notification.Easy Ways to Fix Avast Mobile Security Notification Running on Android


Avast android permanent notification


Disable pop-up notifications.Explaining Android notifications about Avast Mobile Security running in the background | Avast


Tap and hold the Avast Mobile Security notification. Select All Categories. Scroll down and tap the Sticky panel. Tap Importance. Select Low. This notification is set to low priority. The permanent sticky notification still appears, but without sound or potentially obtrusive reminders. Samsung Galaxy S8. Tap and pull down the Status bar. Permanent notification: Ensures complete protection by preventing Android stopping Avast Mobile Security from running in the background. It also ensures that App Locking works properly. Clipboard cleaner notification: Notifies you if you have content copied to your clipboard and offers to clear it to prevent privacy leaks. May 10,  · The fastest way to get rid of a permanent notification on Android: To remove a persistent notification on Android as fast as possible, first, press-and-hold on it. The notification expands. Tap on “Turn off notifications” at the bottom. In the pop-up .


Avast android permanent notification.SOLVED! – Easy Ways to Fix Avast Mobile Security Notification Running on Android

I have created a notification in my “onCreate” activity method. Everything runs smoothly, only that you can close it by pressing the “delete all” button. How do I make this notification perma? as in it should just be more of an info rather than a notification. Open Avast Antivirus and go to ☰ Menu Settings. Select General Notifications. Tick the box next to Use silent mode and turn off all pop-ups, alerts and messages. Notifications are now silenced. Stop offers for other products. If you use Avast Premium Security or Avast Omni, you can additionally stop seeing offers for other Avast products. Jan 30,  · Both devices used to show the Avast logo on the notification bar prior to AMS 5; neither show it after AMS 5 upgrade. And FYI, I have “Permanent notification” set to ON on both devices. So, is the removal of the Avast logo from the notification bar done by design or by mistake? Thanks!
How to get rid of a permanent notification on Android
Why does Avast Mobile Security run in the background?
Managing notifications and ads in Avast Mobile Security | Avast
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