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Jul 27,  · The Good The Creative Zen Stone Plus comes in a choice of six colors and offers 2GB of storage for less than $ It includes some handy extras, such as an FM tuner, a Brand: Creative Technology. In Creative Media Lite, a password can be set to lock the settings for Volume Restriction. If you have forgotten or lost the password, you can reset it with the ZEN Stone Plus Firmware Download. This can be downloaded from the Creative web site, Creative ZEN Stone Plus Starter Pack This starter pack contains the software and User’s Guide for your Creative ZEN® Stone Plus player. It adds an audio playback feature in Creative Media Lite.



The Creative Zen Stone Plus is lighter than the competition, but is still larger than the new iPod Shuffle 2nd and 3rd generations. Unlike the shuffle, you can actually see your track names! The OLED screen is perfect for a player this size but does suck more power and shorten the battery life. The controls are an improvement from the Zen nano days/5(18). Aug 28,  · I just got this Zen Stone Plus and wanted to do a disassembly to know the battery type for replacement. The battery is Li-Poly min mAh and is 20x23x4mm. Creative ZEN Stone Plus User’s Guide. How to use this manual. Introduction. A Tour of Your Player. Navigating the Menu. Making a selection. Charging Your Player. Power source and .

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Xabre Graphic acquires Trident graphic division. We are waiting for Xabre XP4?

Thanks to one message presented on The Digitimes website, two interesting facts were clarified at once: firstly, the separation of the SiS division for the production of graphics into a separate independent enterprise (see. our April news SiS plans to separate the production of graphics chips in a separate company) still took place. New company – Xabre Graphic Inc. (XGI), 99.99% owned by SiS, started independent financial activities on June 1, has a capitalization of NT $ 450 million. (about $ 13 million.) and intends to develop and produce (in cooperation with UMC) graphics at the level of medium and high-end price niches.

Second, SiS announced yesterday on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) site that Xabre Graphic is acquiring the graphics division of Trident Microsystems to strengthen its presence in the laptop graphics market.

That’s all the details. On sites SiS, and Trident Microsystems not a word about this deal. True, to this we can add that an interesting topic has appeared in the forum of the Beyond3D website, which contains the text of the official statement of Trident itself.
In it, the company announces a restructuring, that the aforementioned graphics division will be merged with XGI, and another division of the company – Digital Media Division (DM), will be merged with the Taiwan division – Trident Technologies, Inc. (TTI) Taiwan, to strengthen the company’s position in the digital TV market.

Initially, Trident will own 30% of the shares of the revamped XGI company, with the management of the company will include managers from Trident. The merger is scheduled to be completed by July 1.

So, a new graphics company – Xabre Graphic, has been gaining momentum since the first days of its independent existence. Of course, it’s too early to talk about any major breakthroughs in the desktop graphics market due to the acquisition of intellectual rights from Trident: as you remember, the latest brainchild of this company for discrete graphics cards, XP4, did not go into series. Perhaps due to the fact that the performance of this chip, which is quite acceptable as an integrated graphics for laptops, was in all respects inferior to the most overwhelming graphics for desktop PCs a year ago. However, the thick patent package and development team that Xabre Graphic has inherited will clearly not interfere with the new company, if only in order to more clearly represent its position in the laptop graphics market. And there, you see, some Xabre XP4 or something like that will appear on the market… 😉

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