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Aug 02,  · Basic Bumper: Gizmos + Springs + Rubber + Porcelain with Screwdriver. Beehive: Wood Planks + Tacks + Beeswax with Hammer. Black Dye: Red Flowers + Blue Flowers + Yellow Flowers/Black Dye + Oil/Coal + Oil with Mortar and Pestel. Blue Dye: Blue Flowers/Frost Berries with Mortar and Pestel. Book: Paper + Charcoal. Cubic Castles Item and Crafting Tables Blocks & Buildables. Dirt: Grass. May 20,  · Cubic Castles – N95 Mask, Simple mask and all crafting recipes with the virus update.⬇ Links & More ⬇ My Links Discord |


Cubic castles crafting recipes.Crafting Recipes — Cubic Castles Forums

Crafting is one of the major activities in Cubic Castles and is a way to obtain most of blocks, tools and high grade crafting material. The following lists provide all known crafting recipes found within the there is an incorrect recipe or something that we’ve missed, please leave a constructive and accurate comment. Oct 06,  · All New Recipes Cubic Castles Forums. Craft The Ultimate Candy In 1min Cubic Castles You. Steam Community Guide How To Be Rich Easily In Cubic Castles. Workbench Cubiccastles Wiki Fandom. Beta Items Of Up Coming Cubic Castles Forums. Steel Block Cubiccastles Wiki Fandom. All Easter Pack Egg Crafting Recipes Spoilers Cubic Castles Forums. Easy to use Crafting Recipe guide for all Cubic Castles blocks and items! Search for recipe, calculate required resources and craft! Great helper for crafting!
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