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Diablo 3 two handed swords


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Aug 20,  · Two-Handed Swords Two-handed swords, as the name implies, must be wielded with two hands by six of the seven characters, precluding the use of a shield with them. Barbarians are the one exception to the rule, as they can wield all 2H swords in one hand, even dual-wielding them, though the 2H swords do much lower damage when wielding in one-hand only. Two-Handed Weapons Class 2H Weapons Ranged 2H Weapons Followers and Potions ; Legendary 2H Axes 8) Burst Of Wrath A3 Cache 5) The Executioner 29) Butcher’s Carver 50) Messerschmidt’s Reaver 60) Fire Brand – Crafted 60) Skorn 70) Cinder Switch – Crafted. Legendary 2H Maces 9) Arthef’s Spark of Life 9) Crushbane 15) Soulsmasher A5 Cache 29) Skywarden. 25 rows · Mighty Weapons. Two-handed mighty weapons come in many forms, from clubs the size .


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Two-Handed Sword. Chance on kill to raise a skeleton to fight for you. Upon accumulating 5 skeletons, they explode for 1,% weapon damage and the sword transforms into Ashbringer for a short time. Attacking with Ashbringer burns your target for 5,,% weapon damage as Holy. Faithful Memory. Feb 23,  · All Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Resurrected Basic and Ethereal two-handed Swords sorted like nowhere else – Legend Sword, Espandon, Two-handed Sword, Highland Blade, Dacian Falx, Claymore, Balrog Blade, Tusk Sword, Giant Sword, Champion Sword, Gothic Sword, Bastard Sword, Colossus Sword, Zweihander, Flamberge, Colossus Blade, Executioner Sword, Great Sword. 25 rows · Mighty Weapons. Two-handed mighty weapons come in many forms, from clubs the size .
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