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Every item in Diablo III has a quality level, indicated by the color of its name and accompanying text. Common items are colored white. Typically, they are the weakest items. They have low level requirements and contain few special properties. Answers If you select the unidentified item you have it will tell you to press the square button and it will the identify the item. I suggest you save the game before identifing the item so that. May 15,  · This article will tell you how to identify items in Diablo 3. Here we go. You need to find an item to identify before you can actually do any identifying though. Simply scroll over the item and right click to start the process of identifying the item. If you get hit during this progress it will be canceled so be sure to be in a safe spot when you try this. This makes it way easier to check out the items you Author: Johnny Hurricane.


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In Diablo 3 for the PC, you don’t have Scrolls of Identify any longer, so how do you identify items? All you need to do is right click the item. It’s not instantaneous however, it takes a second or two to work. You should see a small progress bar above your head for a moment, then just like magic.. your item is identified. Sep 10,  · 3 Answers3. Active Oldest Votes. On console, the identification tool-tip is slightly misleading. While it says “press X”, you actually have to hold X. While you hold X, a progress bar will appear on the item. Once the bar fills up, the item will be identified. Share. Improve this answer. Answers If you select the unidentified item you have it will tell you to press the square button and it will the identify the item. I suggest you save the game before identifing the item so that.
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How do I identify items?
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nForce 2 Ultra 400/400: Replenishment of AMD K7 Chipset Family from NVIDIA

Today NVIDIA officially announced the replenishment of its nForce 2 chipset line for the AMD Athlon platform with new chipset versions – nForce 2 Ultra 400 and nForce 2 400.

Of course, the connection between the release of new versions of the nForce 2 family and today’s announcement of the AMD Athlon XP 3200+ processor is more than transparent: both chipsets announced today from NVIDIA support 400 MHz FSB. However, like the previous versions of this chipset family, without the “400” index. Apparently, new versions of the chipset, named in this way, will be easier to distinguish from the previous ones.

The flagship variant – nForce 2 Ultra 400, is designed to work in the most powerful motherboards. Like its discrete predecessors, nForce 2 Ultra 400 supports dual-channel memory, including DDR400, up to 3GB total memory. The chipset will be equipped with Media and Communications Processor-Turbo (MCP-T) south bridges and conventional MCP.

NForce 2 400 version – also discrete, is a single-channel chipset version with 64-bit memory interface, 3 GB DDR400 memory is also supported. The chipset is positioned as a solution with optimal performance and weighted price. The chipset will be equipped only with the usual south bridge MCP, without integrated NVIDIA Soundstorm audio, FireWire interface and 3 Com 10/100 MAC.

Finally, the nForce 2 line retains one of the previous chipset variants, with an integrated GeForce4 MX graphics core, 333 MHz FSB support, dual-channel 128-bit memory interface and support for up to 3 GB DDR333 / 266, with an AGP 8X / 4X slot. This version will continue to be equipped with both Southbridge versions, MCP-T and MCP. Now the integrated chipset is positioned as a solution for mainstream motherboards of the SOHO market.

The release of new motherboards was supported by the release of their solutions on the nForce 2 Ultra 400 and nForce 2 400 variants by such manufacturers as ABIT, DFI, MiTAC, Albatron, EPoX, MSI, AOpen, FIC, QDI / Legend, ASUSTek, Gigabyte, Shuttle, Biostar, Jetway , Soltek, Chaintech and Leadtek.

This is how a reference motherboard based on the NVIDIA nForce 2 Ultra 400 chipset looks like.

However, there is no doubt that real mainboards based on new chipsets will be presented in the very near future. Judging by the characteristics of the new products announced today, there have been no special changes in the characteristics of nForce 2, except that a version with a single-channel memory controller has appeared. Well, without a doubt, the inexpensive chipset will also find its buyers.

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