Mass effect 3 tech armor.So is Tech Armor pretty much worthless?


Mass effect 3 tech armor


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Mass Effect 3. So is Tech Armor pretty much worthless? User Info: squidney2k1. squidney2k1 8 years ago #1. Manual Detonation is fine, but 80% cooldown for a piss poor damage reduction, a long power cooldown, & weak explosion dmg is pathetic. Here’s my idea for fixing it: A) Keep the +80% cooldown timer, but have the armor triple your shield Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. May 20,  · How armor works in Mass Effect 3; Best armor for close-combat classes in ME3; Best armor for support classes in ME3; Best armor for ranged classes in ME3; How armor works in Mass Effect 1. In the first Mass Effect game, armor is divided into three types: light, medium, and heavy. Most armor sets are available in all three types, but with. Tech armour is great in 2 and 3. In 2 it makes the Sentinel damn near unkillable if specced right, and in 3 the power damage boost makes your character the best at biotic throws in the game. If blasting people off the level or spiking them into the ground never gets old for you, pick the Sentinel in ME3.


Mass effect 3 tech armor.Tech | Mass Effect Wiki | Fandom

Feb 17,  · is a power that is used by Sentinels and other crewmates. This power generates an energized armor suit that boosts the players damage resistance. Tech armor is detonated when the player activates. Mar 18,  · Tech armor does a decent amount of damage. But the benefits of Tech armor is that it staggers ALL ENEMIES EVERY TIME with the exception of the banshee, atlas, prime, which it staggers about half the time. Also, unlike a lot of area of effect powers, it will affect ALL enemies within range, it does not have a max (compared to a power like shockwave that can only affect 3 enemies at most). May 21,  · The difficulty of trying to recommend the best armor for each game in Mass Effect is that the trilogy doesn’t really contain any dud armor. It’s all good, but how useful you personally find each piece will depend on your character class and your preference of playstyle.
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So is Tech Armor pretty much worthless? – Mass Effect 3
Tech Armor
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