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Feb 16,  · Full Review: 15 rows · Connects to your phone automatically when you pick up the headset. Up to 2 months of standby time /5(). 15 rows · I have been using the Luna headset for a few months now. The Bluetooth works well. The fit is /5().


Nokia luna bluetooth headset.Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset Review — Gadgetmac

About your headset With the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset, you can handle calls hands-free, even when you are using two phones at the same time. Remove the headset from the cradle, and it’s instantly ready for use. The surface of this product is nickel-free. Warning: This product may contain small parts. Keep them out of the reach of small children. Feb 23,  · The Nokia Luna is a compact headset that is being offered in five colors and offers NFC support. While Windows Phones lack NFC support (for the time being) the Luna still is Author: George Ponder. Feb 16,  · Full Review:
Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset has NFC, tap to pair

IDF Fall 2021: New Vanderpool Technology Announced!

Now, when night falls in Moscow, in the other hemisphere, in California, the IDF Forum is in full swing.

Literally in the near future, we expect the first report on the opening speech at the Forum, but for now, our correspondent Dmitry Korostelev told me via ICQ the following sensational news:
IDF Fall 2021: New Vanderpool Technology Announced!

Today, on the opening day of the autumn IDF, Vanderpool technology (VT) was announced as part of The “T’s” concept. Previously, there was not even a mention of her.

IDF Fall 2021: New Vanderpool Technology Announced!
IDF Fall 2021: New Vanderpool Technology Announced!

With its appearance, VT also resembles LeGrande technology, which was unexpectedly announced a year ago. By the way, the latter is also included in The “T’s”, where, in addition to them, Hyper-Treading (HT) and Centrino (CMT) technologies appear.

IDF Fall 2021: New Vanderpool Technology Announced!

What is Vanderpool? Unfortunately, the details have not yet been found out, and there was little information in the keynote, led by Paul Otellini, and in the press release. However, it is clear that we are talking about a virtualization technology similar to those used in servers (as an example – virtual “partitions”). You can also add that Vanderpool is responsible for the reliability of the system. Paul Otellini demonstrated how, during the reboot of the operating system, the computer continued to play a cartoon about the Simpsons family on a wide screen, causing a large audience to simultaneously amaze a large audience with the possibilities of the new technology and laugh at the simple jokes of cartoon characters.

Apparently, Vanderpool is a software and hardware technology, but it has not yet been possible to find out exactly how it works and what is supported at the “iron” level. We will wait for more detailed information.

To be continued, so stay tuned!

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