Omega station mass effect.Mass Effect 3: Omega


Omega station mass effect


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May 27,  · Omega is a massive space station hollowed out of an asteroid. It’s a massive hub for the criminal underworld of the galaxy and has a bustling night Mass Effect 3 Wiki Guide. Omega. Top. May 20,  · When it comes to the criminal haven that is Omega in Mass Effect, there is only one rule: don’t cross the Mass Effect 3 DLC Omega, Cerberus’ . Mar 22,  · Omega Omega Space Station – Mass Effect “At times, the station has lain idle and abandoned for centuries, only to be reactivated by a new group of outlaws seeking a fresh start. The space station’s original elegant design has given way to haphazard expansion by scrabbling factions of .


Omega station mass effect.Omega (DLC) | Mass Effect 3 Wiki

Aug 30,  · To prevent future collisions, the station is ringed with enormous mass effect field generators that redirect incoming debris. Omega has been a haven for criminals, terrorists, and malcontents for thousands of years. #!/tid=CUSA_ Apr 16,  · The Omega Station is made by Phoenix Interactive, developer & publisher of Mass Effect Reborn. If you have additions, message me, I dont bite. Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA I have made more Mass Effect Size Comparison charts.

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