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Salt and sanctuary obelisks


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The Chitin Obelisk is a class 2 Greatsword in Salt and Sanctuary. It is normally seen as a heavily-modified hunting appendage of Armor Mites, composed entirely of a calciferous onyx chitin that gives it a level of hardness and resilience rivalling that of weapons created by master swordsmiths. The Chitin Obelisk can be acquired by transmuting any Greatsword with an Armor Mite Chitin, an Amber Idol . May 19,  · Salt and Sanctuary. I’ve seen about a dozen obelisks and still don’t know what they do. EDIT: lol i tabbed back to the game after typing this and talked to an upside-down hippy. he branded me and then i used the obelisk to reverse gravity! Last edited by . Is this a glitch?Salt and Sanctuary#!/en-ca/tid=CUSA_


Salt and sanctuary obelisks.Obelisks :: Salt and Sanctuary General Discussions

Black obelisks, how do you use them? Close. 3. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. What is the white bar under the salt? Hello, I would like to know that that white bar, I have been trying to find out for a long time, thank you. Subreddit for Salt and Sanctuary, the 2D action RPG from Ska Studios. k. Members. Online. Created Sep Mar 17,  · Brands – Salt and Sanctuary. Brands are special key abilities in Salt and Sanctuary. To unlock them, you must find specific NPCs and interact with them, and agree to be branded. Each brand has a unique effect that will allow you to access different areas and events of the game. Jan 08,  · Salt and Sanctuary > General Discussions > Topic Details. bloom. View Profile View Posts. Jan 8, @ am. Obelisks locations. Hi guys, I just killed the Fake jester and i found out how to reverse gravity with the obelisk and all that stuff, the thing is, is there any guide to find them all? I mean i think i’ve found all of them so far but.
Chitin Obelisk
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Eminent Obelisk
The Sunken Keep
Chitin Obelisk | Salt and Sanctuary Wiki
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