Star trek fleet command peace shield.Rules of Engagement (RoE)


Star trek fleet command peace shield


Protected Cargo.Territory Capture – FAQ Update – Star Trek Fleet Command


May 18,  · Commanders, You’ve often given feedback around having a cleaner interface in hectic situations, missions, events, or just while out exploring the galaxy. We’ve listened – and based on an idea from you, the players – we are proud to announce the Battle View feature allows you to hide much of the game interface, and [ ]. This video will be about the Peace shield “bug” that people keep talking aboutThis is not actually a bug, but not an intended feature either (to my knowledge. Feb 07,  · These shields are available from a Fleet Starbase with a Communications Array at Tier II. They each cost 10, 10, The Dilithium Store Discounts from the Fleet Dilithium Mine apply to these purchases; with Dilithium Store Discount III, the Dilithium cost is reduced to .


Star trek fleet command peace shield.Fleet Space Shields – Official Star Trek Online Wiki

This video will be about the Peace shield “bug” that people keep talking aboutThis is not actually a bug, but not an intended feature either (to my knowledge. Nov 11,  · Peace shields function regularly if your alliance owns the zone. Peace shields cannot be applied if your alliance does not own the zone. Any pre-existing shield will keep running until it runs its course / the player breaks the shield. Ceasefire Peace Shields work as normal and are not ted Reading Time: 3 mins. Free minute Peace Shield. A free minute peace shield is automatically activated after the first attack on your Station. Note that this will only activate once every 2 hours. If you get attacked by more than one player within the same two hours, the minute peace shield will only be activated for the very first attack within that period. The free peace shield will prevent any further attacks from happening in .
Introducing: Battle View
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Introducing: Battle View – Star Trek Fleet Command
Territory Capture – FAQ Update
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Player’s Guide & Glossary of Star Trek Fleet Command Terminology
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