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Tome immortal arena shut down


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TOME: Immortal Arena. 11, likes · 4 talking about this. Free-to-play, brawler g: shut down. Immobilize a group of enemies to initiate a team fight and follow up with Spirit Owl to completely shut down an opponent. Target a fleeing opponent to stop them in their tracks for a finishing blow. Bird Storm (Ultimate): Bird Storm deals moderate damage, and renders an opponent unable to attack g: shut down. May 17,  · Hello everyone, WrongThinker here. Late this week, I was given notice that the decision had been made to permanently shut down the TOME servers in the very near future (though the exact date is TBD). This decision, sad though it may be, was indeed a reasonable one, as the audience for the game was simply too low to justify keeping it up and running.


Tome immortal arena shut down.WrongThinker Thinks #10 – In Which We Say Goodnight :: TOME: Immortal Arena General Discussions

MOBA LIGHT. If DOTA 2 is an extra espresso, venti mocha Frappuccino then TOME: Immortal Arena is an Iced Skinny Latte. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with having less calories, but TOME is definitely a quicker, more simplistic MOBA with a focus on faster games and less complications. Instead of a multi-tiered, complex item system there are only three base items and one additional upgrade Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. members in the tomeimmortalarena community. Subreddit for KIXEYE’s TOME: Immortal Arena, an in-browser MOBA game. TOME: Immortal Arena. 11, likes · 4 talking about this. Free-to-play, brawler g: shut down.
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TOME Immortal Arena: Nyri Cinematic Trailer
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