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What is asus ram cache


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Aug 28,  · Ram Cache III and Sonic Studio III download Hi. I recently bought a Rog Strix xf motherboard, and the product page says these utilities are available for it, but on the support/download page there’s nothing under Drivers and Tools. It’s a bit technical but essentially it takes data that is being read from a disk and stores it to the RAM cache which is significantly faster than normal Hard Drives and some SSD’s. It basically uses your RAM to speed up your storage devices. Overall it is intended to increase the speed of file transfers, loading of programs/documents, and so on. The performance benefits of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and setting up a 16GB RAM Cache.


What is asus ram cache.What is ASUS RAMCache II? – Quora

Oct 14,  · software. asus. ramcache. usb. external hard drive. hdd. Go to solution Solved by Electronics Wizardy, October 13, The software is a disk cache, id just not use it. WIndows will already do this for your, and there are issues with data corruption as it tells the system a file is written when its really not. The performance benefits of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and setting up a 16GB RAM Cache. With RAM cache enabled: when system requests a file from disk – it loads from disk normally into memory, but also is copied into cache, so next time file is requested from disk – it will be loaded from cache instead. when system requests writing to disk – file goes into cache and is written to disk at a specified interval (i set 60 sec).

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Ramcache allocation
My experience using RAM cache : pcgaming
HDAMA – RioWorks dual-socket Opteron motherboard

RioWorks presented
HDAMA, a dual-socket server motherboard for AMD Opteron processors
(Socket 940) 1.8 GHz or faster. north bridge chipset board
– AMD 8111 (with HyperTransport support), Southbridge – AMD 8131. Systemic volume
memory can be brought up to 16 GB (Registered PC2700 DDR SDRAM) – the board is equipped with
8 slots for 184-pin DIMMs.

The board supports up to 4 EIDE drives (Ultra DMA 100/66/33). On HDAMA
implemented two PCI slots: PCI-X (64-bit / 100 MHz), 64-bit / 66 MHz and 32-bit / 33
MHz. Video controller – integrated, ATI RageXL (8 MB). Network support –
two Broadcom 5702 Gigabit Ethernet controllers.

Disk subsystem – integrated 4 ports Promise PDC20319 Serial ATA (optional),
RAID 0, 1, 10. Among other ports, two serial ports are noted (with UART 16550),
VGA connector, two RJ-45 connectors, PS / 2 connectors for mouse and keyboard, two connectors
USB 1.one.

Board Form Factor – SSI (12 x 13 “)

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