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May 12,  · “Zoom wrote me, the TAC-2(R) sends always SysEx Messages thru the OS X. The reason is horrible simple. The Audiosoftware MixEfx needs the SysEx Data to communicate between Hard and Software. You don’t have any chance to stop this problem. You will receive the SysEx Data. The blazingly fast Zoom TAC-2 interface uses the latest Thunderbolt™ technology for ultra-low latency and the ultimate in high-quality audio, up to bit/ kHz. Lightweight and portable, yet rugged enough for the road, the TAC-2 is also easy to use, with a single large rotary knob controlling all parameters. The Zoom TAC-2R Thunderbolt Audio Converter Built for speed and ready for the road. The compact, rugged Zoom TAC-2R is the perfect interface for creating music onstage, in the studio, or at home. It uses the latest Thunderbolt technology for blazingly fast speed and the ultimate in /5(78).


Zoom tac-2.Zoom TAC-2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface | Reverb

Hailing from a company best known for their low-priced effects boxes, field recorders and Portastudios, the TAC-2 is Zoom’s very first dedicated audio interface. Packaged in a desktop, monitor controller-style case, this device is designed for high-quality playback and occasional recording duties. May 11,  · ZOOM Product Driver Installation Guide (3 MB pdf) Software TAC-2 Firmware TAC-2 System Version (Released 05/11/). Oct 08,  · Zoom TAC-2 vs Zoom TAC-2R. You may have noticed that Zoom has another 2-in/2-out audio interface on the market known as the TAC This model is actually the predecessor of the TAC-2R, but notice how they look completely different. There are some key differences that are worth mentioning that go beyond aesthetics.
Thunderbolt Port not working correctly!
The problem
Zoom TAC-2 | Firey Bros. Music and Pro Audio | Reverb
Lowest Latency Audio Interface for Home Recording | Zoom TAC-2R
ZOOM TAC-2R Thunderbolt Audio Converter
PCI Express Chipsets, SiS Vision

SiS is looking to take PCI Express support seriously and is preparing its desktop chipset options for release early next year, according to UK-based site The Inquirer. At the same time, the company plans to release versions of logic sets with PCI Express for both Intel P4 and AMD K8 platforms.

For solutions based on the Pentium 4 platform, the company intends to release the SiS656 northbridge, which will support 800 MHz bus, HyperThreading technology, dual-channel DDR II memory and PCI Express bus. The release of the traditional version with integrated graphics will not do without: the chipset will be called SiS656 + GFX, will also support the PCI Express bus, and will be electrically compatible with the current SiS65X series chipsets.

For AMD Athlon64 / SiS platform plans to introduce several chipset options with PCI Express support. According to preliminary data, they will be bundles SiS756 + SiS964 + SiS180, SiS759 + SiS964. The integrated graphics option will be named SiS756 + GFX, respectively. SiS755 + SiS964 kit will support AGP 8X bus, up to eight USB 2 ports.0, 10/100 LAN, six PCI slots, 6-lane AC97, 3 x ATA133 / 100 and 2 x Serial ATA 150.

As for the nearest plans of the company, in the current quarter the SiS9655TC variant with support for dual-channel DDR400, AGP8X bus is expected to appear for the Intel platform. The start of mass production of the chipset is scheduled for August. For Athlon XP processors, the company plans to present the SiS741 + SiS9964 chipset bundle with FSB support up to 400 MHz, Real 256E integrated graphics (built-in DVI interface, support for output to two monitors), two Serial ATA ports and up to 6 PCI slots.

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